Inquiry  helps me to connect with the intelligence that is beyond dualistic thinking. Everybody has this intelligence which is marked by gratitude ,kindness,
compassion and the sense of being interconnected with everything.

Inquiry works best when we
have a clear space , stillness , sincerity and an open mind
and this is what we
are offering here.

Byron Katie Certified Facilitator

Our personal retreats  are an excellent opportunity to slow down, to be in peace and silence and to clear the mind from stress inducing belief systems .

This journey of self discovery can transform our lives.

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"The Garden of the World has no limits
                                except in your mind" Rumi

The Work doesn't say what we should or shouldn't do. We simply ask,
"What is the effect of arguing with reality? How does it feel?"
This work explores the cause and effect of attaching to
painful thoughts, and in that investigation we find our
freedom. To simply say we shouldn't argue with reality
just adds another story, another philosophy or religion.
It hasn't ever worked." ~ Katie

Certified Facilitator for The Work